Game of Freedom

Set in the MergeWorld multiverse the Game of Freedom Trilogy takes place on Twir’s World. Twir’s world is a game world based on the main WarSpell books. Placed primarily in the Orclands one of the four main continental landmasses of the game world the three books tentatively titled Shuffle Cut and Deal, Ante Up, and All in. deal with the effects of concepts like a bill of rights and legal equality on a world where “heros” and villains alike, as well as the gods, treat the overwhelming majority of the population as essentially disposable playing pieces. It involves both sides of a pair of merges. Vicky Hill and her character Vectoria the Half orc Intercessor of Twir the goddess of clerks and secretaries. Also Frank Johnson and His character Don Hernando Francisco de Montoya y Cortez a neerdowell scion of an ancient house fallen on hard times.

It also involves post merge American politics and gun boat or at least A-Team diplomacy.

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