Welcome to the home page of the WarSpell/Merge World novels as well as other stories by Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff. Plus hopefully by other authors soon.

You can find our books at Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press, Baen and Amazon.

The map above is one of the maps of the game worlds in which the Fantasy Role Playing Game, WarSpell, is played. For more about what happens next see the merge event under the Warspell menu item.


  1. I really enjoyed this, read everything I could find in the ‘verse, but nothing since. What happened? Did it not get enough traction in the marketplace?

  2. WarSpell: The Princess Choice is not on Amazon or Baen yet! How do we get it?
    Love everything you guys put out, keep up the good work!

    1. It’s in the process it will be up in a day or so WarSpell: isn’t in the title. just “The Princess’ Choice”

  3. Hi Gorg, Any news on your future releases? It was sad to hear of Eric’s passing and the closing of the Ring of Fire press. Unfortunately I never met him, but he wrote some fabulous stories and nurtured some wonderful writers. He will be missed.

      1. Yes The new “Lieutenant Teasdale R.O.N.” is out. As are most of the books that Ring of Fire published. We are working on the sequel to The Vampiress of Londinium wich will be finished soon. We’re snippiting it on our Facebook page WarSpell

      2. Yes there are more books coming on Kindle you can allso read snippets on the WarSpell facebook group.

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