The Merge Event

Prologue to the Warspell Multiverse. Some twenty odd million people experienced the merge. Half on the merge, world half on game worlds, for the merge went both ways. Each player gained the memories and abilities of a character they had played, and that character gained theirs. For each pair it was instant. The connection happened, copying both ways, then was over. It left two people, one on the merge world, and one on a game world, who had a common set of memories and abilities. And usually very different circumstances.

The Founding of the Heestiff Hive

What’s a breeder male to do when his hive is invaded by the evil Marauders?

What’s a breeder female to do when, because of those same Marauders, no one wants to buy the artists she prefers to lay?

What’s a worker to do when his Duchess insists that she’s not going to rupture herself laying fighters?

And what are solders to do when their hive spends their time as larva teaching them about art and music? And no one in all of the Trade Group thinks artistic fighters are worth squat?

Kick ass! That’s what they are going to do. But it’s not going to be easy. There aren’t a lot of them and there are a whole lot of Marauders. It will take every trick they learned in art class and a willingness to think about war in whole new ways.

Find out what life is like for a eight-limbed intelligent aliens who live in hives and have all the instincts that we would focus on our own survival and reproduction focused instead on the hive’s welfare. Learn how they think and feel and walk a mile in their carapaces. All while you enjoy a rip-roaring adventure with eight-legged, egg-laying romance no less.

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