Agent of the Illuminati Pilot

This is “Crash and Burn” the pilot episode for a TV series we came up with in a couple of weeks when we didn’t have anything else to write. The name of the series is “Agent of the Illuminati”. We also have a rough series bible for the first few episodes.

Please excuse the formatting. WordPress apparently doesn’t do script.

The Merge Event

Prologue to the Warspell Multiverse. Some twenty odd million people experienced the merge. Half on the merge, world half on game worlds, for the merge went both ways. Each player gained the memories and abilities of a character they had played, and that character gained theirs. For each pair it was instant. The connection happened, copying both ways, then was over. It left two people, one on the merge world, and one on a game world, who had a common set of memories and abilities. And usually very different circumstances.

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